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The rudiments of archives can be traced back to the 4th session of the Indian Historical Records Commission held at Delhi in the year 1922. For the first time the Government of U.P. was urged by a resolution to establish a Central Record Office for fostering historical research in the State. As a sequel to a number of resolutions passed during subsequent sessions of the Commission, the Government of U.P. in the General Administration Department decided vide their G.O. No. 3525 (5) / III-120-1946 dated June. 5, 1947 to set up a Central Record Office at Allahabad so that records of historical importance which have ceased to be of administrative use may be concentrated in a central place for the purpose of historical research and their maintenance in a manner most conductive to their better preservation.

Director's Desk

"We should leave our cultural and historical treasure of Archives for our posterity as an asset not as a liability and therefore it should be handed over to the right agency where it can be preserved for the use of posterity."

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Calender of Events
  • May, 2013
    An Archival exhibition on 'National Movement in U.P.' by Regional Archives Allahabad.
  • 9th June - 30 June 2013
    An exhibition & cultural programme on 'Amir Khusrau' on occasion of international archives day
  • July, 2013
    An exhibition by Regional archives Varanasi
  • Aug., 2013
    A seminar & workshop on 'Conservation of brittle records'
  • Oct., 2013
    An exhibition and seminar on 'Socialism and Lohia'
  • 25th Nov. - 5 Dec. 2013
    An exhibition on 'Abhilekhon me Awadh'
  • 19th Dec. 2013
    An exhibition on 'Martyr's day at Kakori'
  • Jan., 2014
    An archival exhibition on Manuscript by Government Manuscript Library Allahabad
  • Feb., 2014
    An exhibition on the occasion of 'Taj Mahotsav' by Regional Archives Agra
  • Feb., 2014
    Two week traininng programme on 'Record management, preservation and conservation' of personnel's working in record rooms of different districts
  • March, 2013
    An archival exhibition and seminar on 'Women's emancipation' in 19th - 20th century
This Month

1. Digitization Unit to be setup.

2. Record Management and Conservation Training to Start soon.

3. Exibhition and Conference on "Socialism in Records"
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International Archives Day 9th June-2013