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Career in Archives

There are considerable job opportunities in the field of Archives. Some of them are mentioned below :-  

1. National Archives of India and various State archives recruit Archivist experts in Sanskrit, History, Persian and Urdu etc., Microphotographist and photographist. Experts in Preservation are also recruited.
2. Banking industry also offers jobs to Archivist.
3. Private sector is also becoming increasingly conscious of the importance of old records. Several major corporates have set up their own Archives, notable among them are the Tata group and D.C.M.
4. Some of the major private and public libraries have archival wings and themselves maintain, conserve and preserve their document, manuscripts and books.

Courses available in field of Archives

1. National Archives of India
1, Janpath, New Delhi.
Web address :
e-mail : archives[at]ren02[dot]nic[dot]in

In National Archives of India the school of archival studies imparts training under one year diploma in archival studies and various short term courses of 4 & 8 weeks duration to Indian and foreign trainees.

2. National Museum
New Delhi

National Museum conducts two years degree course in Museulogy and conservation of records.

3. N.R.L.C. (National Research Laboratory for Conservation)
Sector-E/3, Aliganj,
Web address :
e-mail : nrlclko[at]sancharnet[dot]in

National Research Laboratory for Conservation, Lucknow of cultural property conducts the following Courses:-

    1- Two years regular courses on Conservation of Art objects - 6th Months
    2- Orientation of Workshop on care and maintenance of cultural heritage. - 10 Days
    3- Care of Archival materials - 2 Weeks
4. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University

Agra University conducts a training program for the M.A. Archival studies and Museulogy.

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