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Did You Know?
In the year 1947 the following resolution was passed in the session of Legislative Council. " The council recommends that Hindi language and Devnagri script be adopted as the state language and script of the province". Government accepted the resolution and later in 1951, a notification was issued regarding its acceptance as state language and script.

G.A.D. File No. 186 /1948
Did you know when woman lawyer got the permission to practice in Courts ?

In the year 1916 Miss Regina Guha passed her examination in Bachelor of Law from the University of Calcutta and applied to Calcutta High Court for her enrollment as a legal practitioner but the same was rejected, as the court was not prepared to make an innovation. Five year later in 1921 Miss Hazra from Orissa filed a petition before the Patna High Court but the same was again rejected in view of the previous decision of the Calcutta High Court however around the same time the Allahabad High Court enrolled Miss Cornilia Sorabji as legal practitioner.

Judicial 104/1922

Did you know that in the famous Kakori conspiracy case, four freedom fighters were sentenced to death for looting Rs.4,679 anna 1 and paise 6 ?

On August 1925 revolutionaries stopped the train between Alamnagar and Kakori by pulling the chain and looted cash amounting Rs.4,679 anna 1 and paise 6. They were later captured by the police, and were subsequently sentenced to various terms of imprisionment. Ramprasad Bismil, Ashfaq ullah Khan, Roshan Singh and Rajendra Lahri were convicted to death in the year 1927.

Kakori Conspiracy Case


Did you know that ashes relics of Lord Buddha were presented to King of Siam by the Government of India in the year 1899?

In the year 1898 Mr. Peppe found an urn with inscription from a stupa in village Piprahwa in Basti (Siddharth Nagar). The ashes and relics found within the urn were that of Gautam Buddha .The Government of India presented the ashes to the Buddhist King of Siam (Thailand) in the year 1899.

G.A.D. File No. 279 C


Did you know that Mr. A.O. Hume, the founder President of Indian National Congress had translated the Revenue Act into Hindi ?

Mr. A.O Hume then Collector of Etwah was the first officer to realize the significance of vernacular language and thereby himself translated the Revenue Act X in Vernacular Hindi, in the year 1859.

Board of Revenue


Did you know about the mutiny telegram of Rani Laxmi Bai's death ?

A Telegram dated 18th June 1858 from General R. Hamilton, from Gwalior to Lord canning, the Governor General and other chief officers informing that Rani Laxmi Bai had got martyrdom in the war.

Mutiny Telegram Vol - I


Did you know that against Rowlatt Bill a meeting was organized in Lucknow under the chairmanship of Nawab Julkadar Jung ?

A great meeting of about 15,000 people was organized in Lucknow under the chairmanship of Nawab Julkadar Jung of 6th April, 1919 against the Rowlatt Bill. Hand Bills were distributed in advance relating to the meeting. Prominet persons like Jafar -ul - Mulk, Bokaran Nath Mishra, Harkaram Nath Mishra, Maulvi Ayyub of Firangi Mehal, A. P. Sen etc. were present in the meeting.

G.A.D. File No. 262

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