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Calender of Events 2013 - 2014
Sl. No. Events Place Date / Month
1 An Archival exhibition on 'National Movement in U.P.' by Regional Archives Allahabad Regional Archives Allahabad May, 2013
2 An exhibition & cultural programme on 'Amir Khusrau' on occasion of international archives day Shahid Smirti Bhawan, U.P. State Archives, Lucknow 9th June - 30 June 2013
3 An exhibition by Regional archives Varanasi Regional Archives Varanasi July, 2013
4 A seminar & workshop on 'Conservation of brittle records' U.P. State Archives, Lucknow Aug., 2013
5 An exhibition and seminar on 'Socialism and Lohia' U.P. State Archives Oct., 2013
6 An exhibition on 'Abhilekhon me Awadh' Lucknow Mahotsav 25th Nov. - 5 Dec. 2013
7 An exhibition on 'Martyr's day at Kakori' Kakori, Lucknow 19th Dec. 2013
8 An archival exhibition on Manuscript by Government Manuscript Library Allahabad Government Manuscript Library Allahabad Jan., 2014
9 An exhibition on the occasion of 'Taj Mahotsav' by Regional Archives Agra Taj Mahotsav, Agra Feb., 2014
10 Two week traininng programme on 'Record management, preservation and conservation' of personnel's working in record rooms of different districts U.P. State Archives, Lucknow Feb., 2014
11 An archival exhibition and seminar on 'Women's emancipation' in 19th - 20th century U.P. State Archives, Lucknow March, 2013
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International Archives Day 9th June-2013