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U.P. State Archives, Lucknow

In 1949 the Archives was started in the office of the Director of Education U.P., Allahabad but later in April 1951 a separate building but at 53, Mahatma, Gandhi Marg, Allahabad was allotted to it. The Archives was shifted to its (newly constructed building at B-44, Mahanagar Extention, Lucknow in July, 1973. This building, designed as a functional building, is equipped with all the modern equipments and amenities for the maintenance, preservation and repair of records. From 1973 onwards as the U.P. State Archives started its expansion when in the same year a Regional Archives and a Manuscript Library were established at Allahabad. The process of expansion thus started continued further with the establishment of a Regional Archives at Varanasi (1976) at Naini Tal (1977), at Agra and Dehradun (1980). At present the Regional Archives of Nanital & Dehradun has been shifted to the newly formed State "the Uttranchal".

Records preserved in U. P. State Archives, Lucknow
 * Board of Revenue
 * Records of different Districts of North Western Provinces
 * Collectorate Records
 * U.P. Secretariat Records
 * Memorandum and Statements on Newspapers
 * Oudh General
 * Commissioners' Office Records
 * Mutiny Records
 * CID Records
 * Selections From Native Newspapers

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