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Reference & Research

Research Conducted by Scholars with the assistance of U.P.Archives in 2009

S.No. Scholar's Name & Address Dept. to which Attached Subject of Research with specific Year/Period if any Period covered in the subject of Research Degree for which Registered Date of Registration  When Expects to be submitted
1. Mr. Subam Dayal,
B-61, Gulmohar Park, NewDelhi 
Neeladri Bhattacharya, CMS, JNU, New Delhi Early Modern Labor 18th Century Labour, Mobile Communities


Seminar for Masters 02.01.09  
2. Mr. Rohit Kumar Kandpal Bhawan, Bin, Cantt Road, Pithoragarh(Uttrakhand) Kumaoun University Pithoragarh Old Document related with freedom relation of Medieval Kumaoun  with Rohila Delhi Mughal etc.


Research 06.01.09  
3. Mrs. Amita Sinha
C-179, Indira Nagar, Lucknow




Colonial Landscapes 19.01.09  
4. Mr. Christopher Rayan Perkins University of Pennysylvania U.S.A. Philadelphia Dept. of South Asia Studies, 820 Williams Hall- Philadelphia Abdul Halim Sharar


Ph.D. 27.01.09  
5. Ms. Amita Sonker
4, Hasmat Quarters, Kaiserbagh Mandi Lucknow
 Lucknow University Lucknow Freedom Struggle of India and Princely States 1921-1948 Ph.D. 28.01.09  
6. Mrs. Achla Sonker
4, Hasmat Quarters, Kaiserbagh Mandi Lucknow
Dayanad Girls P.G.College Kanpur Forest Department


Project 29.01.09  
7. Mr. Bimal Goirola
H.N.B.Garhwal University Uttranchal
H.N.B.Garhwal University Uttranchal Social & Pop Awakening in Kumaon Province


Analytical Study 04.02.09  
8. Mr. Christoph Bergrann
Jay villa Nainital
Kumaoun University, Nanital Social Anthropology/ History
 3 Years


Ph.D 04.02.09  
9. Mr. Rakesh Kumar Yadav 30, Birbal Sahani Hostel Lucknow University Medival and Modern History Deptt. Lucknow University, Lucknow History


Theisis 04.02.09  
10. Dr. Deepti Jaiswal
2/166, vikas Nagar, Lucknow


1857 Revolt & Begum Hazrat Mahal


Research 05.02.09  
11. Ms Arti Lal
B-15, Sec-9, New Vijaynagar, Ghaziabad
Lucknow University, Lucknow

Cultural development in the city of Lucknow


Ph.D. 05.02.09  
12. Dr. Asmat Malihabadi Urdu Manzil Malihabad, Lucknow

V.H.P.G. College Lucknow

Major Project for U.G.C.


Project 12.02.09  
13. Ms. Savitri Jalais,
IT Girls Hostel BHU, Varanasi
Dept of Civil Engineering Banaras Hindu University Shots of Banaras


Ph.D. 13.02.09  
14. Mr. Alok Prasad
MED/MOD History Dept. University of Allahabad
University of Allahabad Rohilkhand in Transition.


D.Phil 19.02.09  
15. Mr. Joseph Jayan
Room No-15 Bengali Hotel Charbagh Lucknow
Madurai Kamraj University Sikh Conversion


Project 24.02.09  
16. Dr. Poonam Bala
Delhi University, Delhi
Department of Sociology
Delhi University
Colonial India Medical History



Book Project 03.03.09  
17. Ms. Meera
46/11, Indira Nagar, Lucknow
Baba Saheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar University Representation of Dalit in Historiography of North India


Ph.D. 04.03.09  
18. Dr. DeepShikha Saluja
14, Amir Nagar, Lucknow
C.M.S Girls College Lucknwo Motilal Verma


Article 07.03.09  
19. Mr. Takashi Miya-Moto
3-14-7-303 Minamiosawa Nachiaji Tokyo, Japan
University of Tokyo Legal History in South and Southeast Asia 19th Century Ph.D. 12.03.09  
20 Mr. Refaq Ahmad
H.No.-1, Bhaktiyari Katra Allahabad
University of Allahabad Mughal Emperor Ahmed Shah: A Political Biography

1748-1754 A.D.

Research D.Phill 20.03.09  

Mr. Mohd Rais Khan
104/92, Bhaktiyari Katra, Allahabad

Department of Med/Mod History University of Allahabad Political issues of Muslims and their role in Provincial Legislature of U.P.


D.Phill 20.03.09  

Ms. Richa Tripathi
K-846, Aashiyana Lucknow

Baba Saheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar University

History of Colonial Forest Policies in Awadh Region of United Provinces 1870-1947 Ph.D. 24.03.09  
23 Ms. Moon Moon Jetly
B-81 Rajajipuram Lucknow
Department of  History University of Mumbai The Calm and the Storm, Delhi. 1803-1857 Ph.D. 02.04.09  
24 Dr. Crispin Nicholas Bates U.K. Consular Dept British High Commission New Delhi 1857-Mutiny & After Mutiny to 1865





Mr. Mithilesh Kumar Mishra
169, PTS, Malviyanagar, New Delhi
Dept. of History and Culture Jamial Millia Islamia Jamia Nagar, New Delhi Dalit Consciousness Caste Question and Anit Colonial Struggle in Uttar Pradesh 1920-1956 Ph.D. 20.04.09  
26 Mr. Shailesh Kumar
Sardar Nagar Dist. Gonda U.P.
Gorakhpur University Historical Study of ChauriChaura Trazedy 1922 Ph.D. 20.04.09  
27 Ms. Michele L.L.Louro
408, Holly Drive, Leuittoun Philadelphia 19055
Dept. of History at Temple University in Philadelphia Meerut Conspiracy Case 1929-1934 Ph.D. 20.04.09  


Ms. Shilpi Rajpal
D58E South Extension-1 New Delhi

University of Delhi

Delhi Lunatic Asylum

1800-1900 M.Phill/Ph.D.


29 Dr. S.K. Mehrotra
Bareilly College Bareilly

Bareilly College Bareilly

Modern Indian History Communal Harmony in Bareilly


Project 22.04.09  
30 Dr. Amita David
7, Maqbara Hazratganj Lucknow


Nationalism & Indian Christ Arians


Research 04.05.09  


Dr. Mod. Madani Ansari
12B New Ram Balaganj Lucknow


Badrinath Temple


Research Project 08.05.09  

Ms. Shifalika Monisha Mishra
20A, Mall Avenue, Lucknow

University of Lucknow Prisons(Women) Post independent Current PD Dance


Academic 13.05.09  

Ms. Shilp Shikha Singh
G.B.Pant S.S.Institute Allahabad

University Allahabad

Land & Talab of Bundelkhand


Project 14.05.09  

Mr. Dharmendra Pratap Singh
EDL48 Sec-L, Aliganj Lucknow

University of Lucknow History Features of Sharq Architecture


Ph.D. 18.05.09  

Mr. Sabya Sachi Dass Gupta
BC-35/6, W.Bengal of Kolkata

Nehru Memorial Museum & Library New Delhi

History Colonial 1757-1857 Research 19.05.09  

Mr. Gopesh Tripathi
Post Deogaon Dist Deoria U.P.

D.D.U. Gorakhpur University Gorakhpur The revolt of 1857(vidroh) in Eastern U.P. 1857 Ph.D 25.05.09  

78, Aruna Nagar Etha

Allahabad University Allahabad Condition of Peasants in U.P. 1947-1977



Ms. Sumangla Bharti
5/1 Labour Colony Mohaddipur Gorakhpur

D.D.U. Gorakhpur University Gorakhpur History Two Years Purvi Uttar Pradesh Me Janvidroh ka ek adhdhyan 1757-1857 Research 09.06.09  
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