Details of Private Records

Total Bulk of Private Records, Books, Letters, Farmans and Manuscripts etc. - Approx. 1650 documents. Early 17th century to 20th century.


Total No.

Period Covered

Significant Documents/Photographs/Letters etc.

Microfilm 2 1934-35 Microfilm containing letters relating to Smt. Kamla Nehru while she was ailing at Sanitorium-Bhawali during 1934-35.
Album/Photograph 3   1- An Album of Sir Surendra Singh Majithia who had donated nearly 200,000 rupees for the establishment of Gorakhpur University.
2- A Photograph of the famous revolutionary Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh.
Nishan 1 1622 A.D. Nishan of Prince Khurram dated 24 Urdi bahist, 18 R.Y. Prince Khurram in response to Shah Badiuzzaman's correspondence on the state of affairs at Patan, gives orders to Rustam Khan to enquire, thoroughly into the incident referred to in Shah Badiuzzaman's correspondence and submit his findings immediately so that further orders may be given.
Farman (Copy) 1 25-9-1655 Madad-i-Maash grant of 70 bighas of land to Shaikh Daniyal in Pargana Sandila, Lucknow, Sooba Avadh given in consideration of his piousness.
Depicting Chinese aggression through maps.
Showing districts formerly subject to the conquering armies in kingdoms of Gujrat.
(A) Newspapers Shakti (Photostate)
A National weekly newspaper edited by Manohar Pant and issued from Almora. This issue contains an article entitled 'Maan Kanti keye' by Pandit Narayan Dutt Tiwari (the veteran congress leader), Padampuri Ashram Almora
(B) Azad Hind Akhbar
A collection of weekly Bulletins of the Indian National Army of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose issued from Thailand and comprising Issue no's 12,13,24,43-55 of dates 4.3.1944,28.9.1944,5.11.1944 and 5.11.1945 respectively. The bulletins consist of the news about activities of Indian National Congress and Netaji's views. More prominently the bulletins cover the happening on the war front in Europe and the activities of the INA during World War II.
(C) The Leader
In the column letters dated 4.8.1930 the editor Smt.Shiela Devi requested for the transfer of her convicted husband Thakur Prithi Raj Singh from the Sitapur Jail for better and proper medical treatment at Lucknow.
(D) Hamdard
Important information available is about Non-Co-operation Movement, boycott of foreign goods, Triple Alliance. Anjuman-e-Khuddam-e Kaba and Maulana Abul Kalam Azad's views on education.
Kissan Movement in U.P. by Mahendra Pratap, The Mangol Problem of Delhi Sultanate during the early Turkish period, Bhartiya Swatantrata Andolan Mein Uttar Pradesh se Prakashit Hindi Patra Patrikaon ka Yogdan by Bramhanand etc.
Letters/Private Papers
Nehru Paper's
Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru wrote to Nand Kishor that as requested by him he (Panditji) could only arrange for his travelling expenses to Patna in connection with his treatment.
Roshan Singh
Sri Roshan Singh wrote that he was fortunate to be involved in Kakori conspiracy case. He also wrote that his case would be decided within the next 3 months. He further advises about his property and family affairs.
In another letter he consoles his relatives not to be sad on the outcome of his case. He hopes for some thing better in the future, advises his brother about his duties towards his family and pays respects to all his elders and sends blessings to youngers. He expresses his satisfaction and happiness over his fate and assures others that his name will be written in history in golden letters.
Chandra Shekhar Azad
Letter of Chandra Shekhar Azad in which he informs the secretary, City Congress Committee, Banaras that 2 dhoties and 4 langotas sent from Varanasi have been handed over to Har Dayal of Tahsil Baansi, district Basti in the District Jail, Banaras.
Raj Narayan Mishra's Papers 39 1944 In one of the letters to his brother, Raj Narayan Mishra advises them not to grieve on his death. He writes "My appeal has been dismissed today, I am going with your blessings to join the immortal Martyers on next friday. This is my last letter….."
Sachindra Nath Sanyal Papers 38 1916-1941 In a letter written to R.N.Sanyal, Sachindra Nath Sanyal, through Cursing his loneliness; tells that his days were passing smoothly in the midst of good company. He says that he does not know how long this would continue. In another letter to R.N.Sanyal S,N.Sanyal, after enquiring about the family affairs at Banaras he says "I have resigned to my fate and I will not grudge any thing...
Bhagat Singh's papers
Judgment in the Case of Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru and Sukhdev in which they were sentenced to be hanged by the neck till death. Certificate of Supdt. Jail certifying the execution of the death sentence of Bhagat singh.
Moni Seal papers

In the letter the Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of Bengal orders the transfer of M.K.Seal from Presidency Jail, Calcutta to village Nalhati in district Birbhum.

In another the Commandant communicates to M.K. Seal that the medicine he had been asking for was not in store and when he was informed of its arrival he did not turn up to take it and says if he has any grievances against the Medical officer he should bring the matter to his (Commandant's) notice.

Rare books
(A) Bhagwad Gita
The book is in Sanskrit with translation of each verse in Urdu. The book was printed in 1930. It contains paintings also.
Akbarnama Vol I&II 1   Akbarnama written in Persian by Abul Fazal, the great Historian in Akbar's court.
Allen Octavian Hume   1913 This is a biography of Allen Octavian Hume written by William Wederburn, one of the earliest leaders of Indian National Congress.
Padmavat 1   Padmavat was originally written by Jaisi in Awadhi (Hindi). This book is an Urdu translation of the original book.
War of Independence 1   War of Independence by Savarkar. This is a cyclostyled copy of the book distributed by Delhi Congress Committee in the year 1930.
Proceedings 3  
Lahore Conspiracy Case   27th Aug 1930 It is in three parts bound in book form. This conspiracy case was instituted after the murder of Mr. Saunders on 17th Dec. 1928 committed as a revenge for Lala Lajpat Rai's death by police lathi blows during the Boycott procession taken out on the occasion of the visit of the Simon Commission to India.
Sanskrit Manuscripts 200