Conservation is a process aimed at enhancing the useful life of anything. It includes preservation and restoration. Preservation aims at the maintenance of the original forms and formats while restoration aims at reinforcing the strength and removing the damages.

Preservation invloves the methods and processes which normally do not disturb the original condition of the material. These include processes like storage, ventilation, air conditioning, fumigation, disinfection, microfilming, handling, protection against fire and flood, theft and vandalism etc.

Restoration aims at strengthening the document and enhancing its strength and durability in handling and natural ageing. However, restoration should not affect the originality, authenticity of the document and all the restoring material must be of durable, permanent and non-corrosive nature. The restoration process adopted should always be reversible. A thorough examination of the document should be taken up before embarking on restoration.

Traditional Techniques of Conservation in India

Modern Techniques of Restorations

Dating of Documents

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