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Private Record Acquisition

The Private Archives collection in the U.P. State Archives Lucknow consists of documents, manuscripts and rare printed books. The collection is related to medieval Indian History, World Religion, Philosophy, Persian and Urdu literature, Mysticism and Culture. The documents are in Persian, Urdu and English. These documents form some of the primary sources for Indian history. Majority of documents consist of Parwanas, Bai-namas, Rihanamas and form a rich source of information on the socio economic aspect of Medieval Indian history and provide ample material for scholars working on related topics. Some documents are also related to the post independence period and contain correspondence of political personalities of India.

Bulk Approximately 3072 documents such as private papers, rare books, typed scripts, newspaper clippings, microfilms etc.
Period Covered Early 17th century to 20th century
Total Holdings Printed Books, Old Printed Papers, and others.
Personal Documents 1119
Hand written epics 60
Typed script 2
Photostate documents 56
Photostate volumes 17
News paper clippings 73
Photographs 14
Nishan of Prince Khurram 1

Important Papers related to freedom movement
Chauri-Chaura Case-1922 session court decision copy
Letter of Chandra Shekhar Azad-1922
Letters of Roshan Singh -1927
Letters of Sachindra Nath Sanyal -1916-1940
Letters of Pt. Raj Narayan Misra -1942-44
Printed copy of Bhagwad Gita written in Sanskrit & Urdu, 1930
Nishan of Prince Khurram -18 Ry (early 17th century)
Photograph of Raja Mahendra Pratap
Photograph of Raj Narayan
The Historical record of the Imperial visit to India.-1911
Immigration Documments ..... Fiji

Detail of Private Records

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