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The rudiments of archives can be traced back to the 4th session of the Indian Historical Records Commission held at Delhi in the year 1922. For the first time the Government of U.P. was urged by a resolution to establish a Central Record Office for fostering historical research in the State. As a sequel to a number of resolutions passed during subsequent sessions of the Commission, the Government of U.P. in the General Administration Department decided vide their G.O. No. 3525 (5)/III-120-1946 dated June. 5, 1947 to set up a Central Record Office at Prayagraj so that records of historical importance which have ceased to be of administrative use may be concentrated in a central place for the purpose of historical research and their maintenance in a manner most conductive to their better preservation.

It, however, took nearly two years to set up the office. Dr. G.N. Saletore took over charge as the Keeper of Records on May. 2, 1949. The post was later on redesignated as the Keeper of Archives and Dr. Saletore was the Keeper of Archives uptill September 2, 1970 when Dr. K.P. Srivastava succeeded him. The post was subsequently redesignated as the Director, U.P. State Archives.

The office was originally under the Department of Education U.P., but in 1958 it was placed under the newly created Department of Indology and Culture which was subsequently redesignated as the Department of Cultural Affairs and Scientific Research and later on in May, 1975 as the Department of Cultural Affairs. This office is now under the administrative control of the Department of culture, U.P. Government.


  • To carry out a survey of the records in Public Offices in Uttar Pradesh and to prepare classified lists of records of historical interest, in each office, worthy of transfer to the State Archives.
  • To advise different departments in regard to the preservation of records and to report, to the Government, cases where arrangements are unsatisfactory.
  • To arrange for the transfer of records from the various offices to the State Archives, especially in cases where the records are in danger of perishing by neglect.
  • To suggest the revision of weeding schedules for records in public offices.
  • To publish lists and selections from records of historical interest for the benefit of research scholars.
  • To maintain properly the records in the State Archives as well as in Departmental, Divisional and District Offices.
  • To advise the Government in regard to the condition on which the public may be given access to records.
  • To offer suggestions to the Government for advising non-official bodies like Universities and Learned Institutions in the State about the preservation of records of historical importance and other valuable manuscripts in their possession.
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