Regional Archives, Agra

Regional Archives, Agra

The Regional Archives Agra was established in 1980. The office houses records of the Agra Collectorate dating from 1866 to 1936. According to the system of Record Keeping prevalent in those days in the Collectorates, these are arranged in Department-wise series like Revenue Department, Judicial Department and Miscellaneous Department. Again, the Miscellaneous Department is sub- divided into Department I, Department II and so on upto Department XXX. Then again there is one file each in the Departments of Settlement, Department A and Department B.

Collectorate, Agra
Revenue Department9887 1866.1885
Judicial Department1879
Departments I to XXX (excluding Department XXV)1875-1936
Settlement Department1928-1929
Department A1924-1925
Department B Reports1925-1926

Record Holdings, Agra

List of Gazetters

List of Census Report

Agra Division Records

Agra Collectorate Records

Settlement Registers etc.

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