Regional Archives, Varanasi

Regional Archives, Varanasi

Regional Archives at Varanasi was established in the year 1976. The total holdings are 48.60 linear meters a shelf. These comprise records of Commissioner's office, Varanasi & the Collectorate records of Jaunpur, Varanasi, Balia and Ghazipur.

Total Holdings

3Private papers1139

Record Holdings of Regional Archives, Varanasi

The total holdings are 48.60 linear meters on shelf. These records comprise of Commissioner's office , Varanasi, Collector's offices of Varanasi, Jaunpur, Gazipur, and Ballia.

Commissioner, Varanasi

Different Department Records1901-1929
Miscellaneous Records1876-1918
Agency Records1906-1960
Collectorate, Varanasi
Different Department Records1880-1950
Collectorate, Jaunpur
Pre-Mutiny Records1846-1857
Collectorate, Gazipur
English Records1859-1930
Collectorate, Ballia
English Records1911-1945

Private Archives

The Private Archives collected at the Regional Archives throw light on personal, political and cultural activities of eminent peersons like Dr. Sampurnanand, Sri Prakash, Maithili Sharan Gupta, Kamta Prasad Vidhyarthi, Rai Krishnadas, Munshi Premchand, Madan Mohan Malviya etc.

Oral Archives

Reminiscenses of some freedom fighters regarding their activities connected with the national struggle for freedom have also been recorded.

Record Holdings of Regional Archives, Varanasi

Name of DepartmentPeriodNo. of files/Volumes
Varanasi Division Different department Records1901-19291983
Varanasi Collectorate (Miscellaneous records)1876-19231650
Varanasi Collectorate department Records1880-1923308
Varanasi Collectorate department Records1893-1915351
Varanasi Collectorate department Records1901-1927256
Varanasi Collectorate department Records1913-1923243
Varanasi Collectorate Records (Banaras State)1910-1950152
Varanasi Collectorate Records (Immigration)1893-191070 Volumes
Varanasi Collectorate Records (Criminal)1930-1931296
Varanasi division Records (Agency)1906-1947197
Varanasi division Records (Agency)1925-1958207
Varanasi division Records (Agency)1921-1960120
Jaunpur Collectorate (Pre-Mutiny records)1787-188008 Volumes
Collectorate Ballia Records1911-192149
Collectorate Ballia Records1921-192921
Collectorate Ballia Records1933-1945143
Collectorate Ghazipur Records1839-1937418
Total no. of files - 6965
Total no. of Volumes - 78
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