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Record Holdings Prayagraj

Records preserved in Regional Archives Prayagraj

U.P. State Archives was established at Allahabad in the year 1949 and when the head office of the Archives was shifted to Lucknow in the year 1973 the Allahabad Archives came to be known as the Regional Archives office, Allahabad.

Some Significant Records

A report regarding the repair of the Taj Mahal and Moti Masjid at Agra. Pre - Mutiny Records Agra Division, Vol-1812.

Murder of Major Water Field by sepoys on the 16th May, 1858 and the supposed complicity of Mayat Hussain, Deputy Magistrate, Deram Ali Tahsildar Farzand Tanedar of Firozabad. 
Pre- Mutiny Records Agra Division, File No-342/1-1858

Establishment of a Museum and Public Library at Allahabad. Post- Mutiny Records, Allahabad, File No-14 Bundle No-155.

Regarding estimate for repairs of the South gate of Khusroo Bagh according to the detailed instructions. 
Post Mutiny Records Allahabad, File No-471 Bundle No-45.

Regarding female Infanticide in the 5th division where investigations proved that there were 300 villages in which the crime prevailed and in 62 villages there did not exist a single girl below the age of 6 years. 
Vol no-5, Basta no-132, 1856, Banaras Division.

Treaty between the Hon'ble East India company and His Highness Maharaja Dhiraj Soorindar Vikram Shah Bahadur Shamshere Jung Raja of Nepal. Gorakhpur Division Pre- Mutiny Records, File No-71, Quard Book no-132, Basta No-18.

Petition of Lachmi Bai styling herself widow of the late Raja of Jhansi, praying for the re-transfer for charitable purposes of the resumed villages of Goorah Muchea and Kocha Bawar. 
Jhansi Division, File No-3 Box No-3.

Claim of Luchmee Bai against the income of Talooka Burwa Saugar in paragana and Zillaeh Jhansi for Sumbal 1909. Jhansi Division, File No-5 Box No-3.

Intelligence report of fall of Delhi and the death of Mr. H.M. Greathed, Agent to the Lieutenant Governor with force. 
Pre Mutiny Meerut Division Deptt. XVII, File No-12.

Proclamation offering a lac of rupees for the apprehension of Nana Saheb of Bithoor. Pre- Mutiny Meerut Division, File No-84, Box no-5.

Regarding the demarcation of boundary between Nepal and Rohilkhand by pucca pillars erected by Mr.Buller in 1849 along the old bed of the river Sharda. 
Pre- Mutiny Rohilkhand. File No-5, Box no-13.

Prosecution of Jawahar Lal Nehru for manufacturing contraband salt on April 11th 1930 on open land near Crosthwait Road, Allahabad. Allahabad Magistracy criminal Records File no-247.

Lal Bahadur Shastri took part in a public meeting at Purushottam Das park and delivered a speech at the meeting without obtaining permission. 
Allahabad Magistracy Records File no-5.

A detailed report on the cultivation of poppy and manufacture of opium in the Banaras province. 
Banaras Collectorate Records Vol no-17.

A statement of the property of Narayan Rao of Karwi. 
Banda Collectorate Pre- Mutiny Records File no-239.

Informers report from Banda regarding the treacherous conduct of Narayan Rao. 
Banda Collectorate Pre-Mutiny Records File no-36.

Lands acquired for the cultivation of Indigo. 
Ghazipur Pre-Mutiny Records series II, 13 Vol No-16, 1825.

A report on the grand exhibition of Industry to be held in London in 1861. 
Ghazipur Pre-Mutiny Records series II, 13 Vol No-44.

Narrative of events, copies of Duncan proceedings of 1179 Hijri regarding defeat of Nawab Shajauddaula of Oudh and his peace with Lord Clive. 
Ghazipur Pre-Mutiny Records serial no-336, Vol No-197 .

A temporary commission for provincial administration and settlement of the provinces ceded by the Nawab of Oudh. 
Gorakhpur Pre-Mutiny Records Vol No-1, 1803.

Transfer of authority of the Board of Revenue to Board of Commissioners in conquered and ceded provinces.
Gorakhpur Pre-Mutiny Records Vol No-7, 1807.

Outpost daily diaries about Nanhey Diwan and other rebels. 
Hameerpur Records File No-124.

Mutiny Narratives of events of Hameerpur district. 
Hameerpur Records File No-XIII-125.

John Richardson, Judge and Magistrate of the Southern Division of Saharanpur, deputed for negotiation with Begum Samroo of Sahrdhana. 
Meerut Pre-Mutiny Records Part-I, Vol no-I, 1805.

A Treaty of Peace between the Company and Daulat Rao Sindhia. 
Meerut Pre-Mutiny Records Part-I, Vol no-2, 1803.

Annexation of Sahrdhana after the death of Begum Samroo. Meerut Pre-
Mutiny Records Part-III, Vol no-10, 27th Jan,1836.

Collectorate report of the plunder of Hapur by the Pindaries. 
Meerut Pre Mutiny Records Part-II, Vol no-131.

Observations regarding Budheks and Thugs, extracted from an official report from Mr.John Shakespear, acting Superintendent of Police for the Western Provinces. 
Mirzapur Pre Mutiny Records Vol no-38, 1816.

A number of letters relating to Sutee, notably one from P.E. Pattan the Magistrate to the Superintendent of Police. 
Mirzapur Pre-Mutiny Records Vol no-47, 1814-1815.

Reports of the Court of Circuit describing the crimes of Dacoity, Highway Robbery and House Breaking that occurred in 1821. 
Mirzapur Pre Mutiny Records Vol no-53, 1821.

Circular order of the Nizamut Adalat inquiring whether the women who died as Sutee left any children and if they did, it inquired about their particulars. 
Mirzapur Pre-Mutiny Records Vol no-57, 1821.

Divisional Police Report for the year 1855 and rules for suppression and eradication of Female infanticide. 
Saharanpur Collectorate Records Vol no-205, 1856.

Nomination of Sahebzada Abdussamad Khan to the Assembly of League of Nations as a representative of Indian State. 
Dar-ul-Insha Rampur State File no.5, Department IA.

Sahebzada Abdussamad Khan was sent as representative of Indian State delegation to attend the Second Round Table Conference. There is correspondence with other states on the subject of Federation of Indian State. Paper cuttings are attached with the files. 
Dar-ul-Insha Rampur State File no-II, 1931-32.

Some Significant Documents of Allahabad


Shaikh Mahmood has been granted 200 bighas of land in Pargana Sandila (District Hardoi) and enjoined upon to make it that he himself and his followers, after the congregational prayer of the "Zohar" shoot 10 arrows each for the sake of practice of archery. He has also been ordered to help the Government officials in realising the dues when they visit the territory for the purpose. (The contents of the documents are transliterated into Kaithi script also. Sher Shah had used local language along with Arabic in his coins as well. It is also to be noted that on the basis of this document Emperor Akbar continued the grant in the year 1560 which document is preserved in the Regional Archives, Allahabad). 
Acc. No. 461


A madad-i-maash grant has been made in Sarkar Lucknow. This Farman also refers to the 'Sanad' of Sher Khan who made over the original grant. This reference proves that the grant made by Sher Shah was honoured by Akbar. It is one of the oldest Farmans of Akbar. Acc.No.1549.


240 Bighas of land have been granted in pargana Sadrpur Sarkar Khairabad, as madad-i-maash, to Shaikh Idris and others. This is a rare document of the period when Sultan Salim (Jahangir) had rebelled against his father Emperor Akbar. 


Firm instructions have been issued to subdue the insurgents Kapoor, Dharmakund, Kishandas and others for assaulting and injuring the party of Shaikh Abul Makarim and Abdul Munim etc. Acc.No.278. 
A rare photograph of Queen Victoria, learning Urdu dated 1859 
This rare photograph of the Queen Victoria along with Munshi Abdul Karim is very significant. While Munshi Abdul Karim was in London as Queen's teacher, the enclosed letter was sent to Munshi Abdul Karim by Syed Shakir Ali, Chief Financial Secretary of Hyderabad State requesting to get a certificate of appreciation from the Queen of the calligraphic Album of Urdu sent by the Nizam, Hyderabad. Acc.No.12724.

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