Citizen Charter

Citizen Charter


  • Providing safe custody for the non-current records lying scattered in different Departmental, Divisional, District and other public offices.
  • Maintaining and preserving Government records and facilitating their utilization.
  • Throwing open official records for academic research.
  • Providing facilities for microfilming and photo-copying of records.
  • Collecting, maintaining and conserving valuable manuscripts and documents in private custody.


  • To carry out a survey of the records in Public Offices in Uttar Pradesh and to prepare classified lists of records of historical interest, in each office, worthy of transfer to the State Archives.
  • To advise different departments in regard to the preservation of records and to report, to the Government, cases where arrangements are unsatisfactory.
  • To arrange for the transfer of records from the various offices to the State Archives, especially in cases where the records are in danger of perishing by neglect.
  • To suggest the revision of weeding schedules for records in public offices.
  • To publish lists and selections from records of historical interest for the benefit of research scholars.
  • To maintain properly the records in the State Archives as well as in Departmental, Divisional and District Offices.
  • To advise the Government in regard to the condition on which the public may be given access to records.
  • To offer suggestions to the Government for advising non-official bodies like Universities and Learned Institutions in the State about the preservation of records of historical importance and other valuable manuscripts in their possession.


  • Expert advice is provided for the upkeep and conservation of records to Record Rooms and Libraries of various Government Departments and private entities.
  • The State Archives coordinate with National Archives for providing grants to N.G.Os involved in the maintenance and preservation of records.
  • Trainees from various Institutions such as National Research laboratory for Conservation (N.R.L.C) are provided first hand practical experience, in arrangement, management and preservation of manuscripts and archival material.
  • Regular training courses are conducted for officials from various departments of the secretariat of U.P. Government, collectorates of various districts and commissionaires of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Periodic inspection's are carried out by staff of the Archives of Record Rooms of collectorates and commissionaries.
  • Facilities for research work are provided by the Archives. Researchers both from India and abroad extensively study the material available in Archives. Facilities for Microfilming, photocopying, library and reading are made available to them. Topics for research for which adequate material is available are also suggested.
  • An important aspect of the work of the Archives is to develop and encourage public awareness in old records and manuscripts. For this purpose appraisal workshops, seminars, exhibitions are organized all over the state.
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